NewSkin Project: Open Calls for Advanced Surface Nano-Technologies


mardi, 23 novembre 2021


11:00 Europe/Paris

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Ordre du jour des événements

ALPHA-RLH is please to introduce you the NewSkin project and its opportunities with this webinar. NewSkin will provide SMEs, research labs, and industrial groups, free access to pilot plants for upscaling surface treatment & functionalisation technologies for mass production, life-cycle assessments, testing and validation facilities and route to market services. Up to 100 projects will be supported by the NewSkin Consortium through open calls. The first open call is open until the 31st of December 2021.

During this webinar, you will discover the NewSkin service offer with applications in key industrial sectors such as optic, metal, construction, energy, aeronautic, sensor and electronic. The technologies include laser texturation of surfaces, nanocoatings, HiPIMS technologies as well as component corrosion, tribological and antifouling testing facilities.

Register to the webinar, apply for the open calls and be part of the NewSkin ecosystem.

11 :00 : Romain Herault, ALPHA-RLH

>  Introduction of the NewSkin Project

11 :10 – 11 :25 : Elvin Fetahi, CONFINDUSTRIA

>  NewSkin Open Calls Opportunities

11 :25 – 11 : 40 : Girolamo Mincuzzi, ALPHANOV

>  Laser Texturation and Upscaling Facilities

11 :40 – 11 :55 : - Pablo Benguria, TECNALIA

>  Upscaling Testing Facilities for Antifouling Anticorrosion and Tribological Coatings

11 :55 – 12:10 : Tomas Kubart, UPPSALA UNIVERSITY

>  Next Generation PVD Coatings –HiPIMS- Upscaling Facilities

12 :10 – 12 :15 :  Romain Herault, ALPHA-RLH

>  Conclusion

For more information on the project, visit the NewSkin platform and register to have access to the open calls.